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Pool Services

We create custom backyards that create a lifetime of enjoyment for the entire family, specializing in the following services; custom pools and spas, custom patios, custom outdoor kitchens, and custom fire pits..

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Pools & Spas

Our Company prides itself on creating beautiful outdoor areas for you and your family to enjoy. With our full-service design process, we will walk you through the entire process to ensure you are comfortable from consultation through construction.

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Pool Renovations

A simple re-plaster, face-lift or complete renovation is always great. We offer many services to transform your existing pool: Waterfalls, jump rocks, slides, raised walls, bubbles, sheer descents, underwater seats, outdoor fireplaces, beach entries, fire bowls, caves, and lazy rivers.

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Pool Decks & Resurfacing

We specialize in pool deck resurfacing and installation of concrete, tile, stone, pavers, or travertine. We have the equipment and expertise to make it more durable and more aesthetically appealing.

Custom Made

Outdoor Services

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Outdoor Kitchens

Complete your stunning backyard with an outdoor kitchen or even a tiki hut. Take shelter from afternoon showers and provide shade to your guests, or entertain like a barbecue pro.

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Outdoor Patios

Whether it’s a custom-designed wood framed cover built into your existing roof line or standalone. All of your additions are built to last the test of time using accepted building designs.

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Fire Pits

A fire pit is a great way to enhance your outdoor living and entertainment space for warmth, lighting, even roasting marshmallows in the late evening. Family and friends can either gather around to tell stories or the fire pit can just be a nice touch to accentuate your pool!

Construction Process

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At Legacy Pool Designs, we guide our clients throughout the entire construction process every step of the way. Whether you are building a new pool or planning to remodel existing outdoor living space, we are there to ensure that our clients are delivered a superior product that last for generations.

Design Specifics

We design all of our pools and outdoor livings spaces according to your needs and desires. By patiently working with the client every step of the way, we can guarantee that our customers are delivered a finished product that brings life to their visions. At Legacy Pool Designs, the only design limitation is your imagination!


Step 1) Utilities Mark Out: Underground lines of utilities like water, power, and gas are marked out.
Step 2) Pool Layout: We discuss the pool installation with the homeowner and finalize the pool layout....Step 3) Dig: We dig the site and fit in a stone bed to add strength and support to the gunite pool. Then we set up a wooden rebar framework as per the pool design.
Step 4) Steel Installation: The structural steel reinforcement placed over bricks in the entire dup up site acts as a skeleton to the pool.
Step 5) Plumbing: For a more energy-efficient pool, we use plumbing lines that are larger than average. Then we add electrical wiring.
Step 6) Gunite Shell: Gunite pool shell is sprayed onto the steel reinforcement so that the steel is in the middle of the pool.
Step 7) Tile and Coping: We add the perimeter tile, coping over the gunite bond beam, and decking around the pool.
Step 8) Concrete Patio: Pool circulation, heating, and filtration equipment will be added.
Step 9) Plaster: The last step is to apply a waterproof pool interior finish. We also ensure to get the surroundings right by working closely with you on the landscape design.

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